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SUMMER SHOW #3,  “I paint flowers so they will not die”
Lily Robert, Paris (FR)

curated by Sif Lindblad

Artists: Caterina Gobbi, Petros Moris, Hélène Padoux, Maria Silchenko, Ilya Smirnov

June 19 - July 11, 2020


Photography © Maurine Tric

In the famed words of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), the embrace of naivety expresses a nostalgic desire for prolonged innocence pressed against the simultaneous anxieties of its illusion. Much like summer’s inherent sentimentality — the childlike yet universally experienced expectations for summer’s arrival and, equally, the anticipation for her end — here, melancholic figures linger across hazy stratospheres, both carelessly asleep and acutely aware. Featuring flashes of the naive in a universe of soft darkness, the characters find themselves comfortably floating in a perpetual state of becoming, where impatience, vulnerability, fragility and pain summon power and potential.
Together, the artists abandon certain futures for compulsive heartbreak and sweltering reveries, where memories define the present and the present defines memory, transpiring the insatiable vanity of solstice.