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(in)visible hearts
Schinkestrasse 9, Berlin (DE)

curated by Sebastian Peter

Artists: Rebekka Benzenberg, Emma Brunet, Alex Chalmers, Antonia Nannt, Hélène Padoux, Christin Rothe, Kim Schönauer

December 10th - 19th  2021


Photography ©Lukas Zerrahn

At a time when we have become so accustomed to the heart shape that we no longer notice it, the works gathered in the group exhibition (in)visible hearts materialize the symbol that’s used so frequently in the digital realm. By dealing with the heart aesthetically and contentwise, they make it visible again, thus allowing it to be viewed in isolation. The exhibited works treat the heart as mere form and ornament, as symbol and trace, as emoji and emblem of cuteness. They transfer it to canvas and mold it out of silicone, cast it in resin and mill it out of wood, laser cut it into metal and cut it out of PVC. They take the heart’s color and subtly refer to it, decorate it and dissolve it, put it in chains and secure it under glass. Their conscious and critical treatment of the heart contrasts with its random use in everyday life, liquefying our notions of the faded symbol.

(excerpt from the intro text)